Fire Alarm / Security Systems

The Fire Alarm System in the work area must always be fully operational. All fire alarm zone-outs are to be requested by email, 24 hours in advance.

Work will be approved on a first come, first serve basis. Freight and elevator lobby smoke detectors must remain operational during construction, bagging will require the approval of the District Fire Chief.


Any fire alarm devices that are added in any tenant space and will be interfaced with the base building fire alarm system, must be tied into the base building system by the building's fire alarm contractor. All tie-in must be scheduled 24 hours in advance with the Chief Engineer.


Pre-action systems installed by tenants within their space are the sole responsibility of the tenant. The Tenant's service vendor is required to maintain and service the pre-action system and the cost is the responsibility of tenant. Tenant and tenant's service vendor are required to provide a copy of the contract and emergency numbers Property Management. Tenant and their selected contractors shall coordinate annual testing of the pre-action system with prior notification to the Chief Engineer and Building Management.


Security Systems - all tenants will receive card access capabilities for building egress. The base building access system uses HID 24 bit access cards. Coordination of the system and all costs are the sole responsibility of the Tenant.