Premises Restrictions

The General Contractor shall confine his operation to the actual work site, access routes and storage areas designated by the tenant or property management.  The General Contractor shall use only designated freight elevator for movement of construction tools, and likewise for personnel as so directed by property management.  Movement of any equipment or materials may require exclusive elevator use with required 24 hour notice and corresponding operator fee if required. 


All service and haul routes used by the General Contractor shall be maintained and kept clean during the course of the work.  Any damage to existing surfaces, caused by the General Contractor’s operations, shall be repaired and the areas involved restored to their previous condition.  Dust shall be controlled as required at all times.  A “haul route” does not necessarily imply a paved or formal road but may be any area so designated.  General Contractors are required to protect finished floor surfaces along their haul routes and to remove same (immediately) after movement of materials is complete.