Storage Of Materials

Absolutely no materials will be allowed to be stored at the 116 Huntington ave loading dock or any place in the building other than within the leased tenant space. All fire egress must be maintained free of and clear at all times. No temporary placement of materials in the corridors, the electrical, mechanical, janitorial or telephone rooms will be allowed. The tenant and the tenant's general contractors are responsible for the security of any stored material. The building and Property Management will not be responsible for lost or stolen items.


In storing materials within the leased tenant space, or when the space is used as a shop, the General Contractor must restrict storage in spaces designated for such purposes. The General Contractor will be held responsible for repairs, patching or cleaning arising from such use. No subcontractor shall trespass or enter upon areas that are noted as being restricted.


The safe working conditions at the site shall be the responsibility of each contractor. The provisions of the Federal OSHA and Safety and Health regulations for construction must and will be observed.

The General Contractor shall be responsible for the care and protection of all his work until it has been tested and accepted. The General Contractor shall protect all its equipment and materials from damage from all causes as well as from theft. Disposal of hazardous material will be in accordance with DEP and EPA Standards.