Working In Leased Office Space

The safety provisions of applicable laws, building and construction codes and the safety codes approved by the State Labor Commissioner and other governing agencies shall be observed.


The General Contractor shall not remove or relocate any utility, structure or water supply, plumbing or drainage fixtures without the written approval of the Building Management and building ownership if not included in the approved drawings.


Plumbing fixtures shall not be used for emptying water from buckets, pails or other containers. The contractor shall introduce no concrete, mortar, plaster, or other materials into the building drains and plumbing system.


The General Contractor shall do nothing to interfere with the provision of heat and cooling, water and plumbing, electrical power, lighting and telephone services to the occupied areas of the building at any time, nor with the operation of the overall building systems in any way. During construction the General Contractor will be required to install a pre-filters on all HVAC systems intakes located on the floor where the work is taking place. This pre-filter will be changed as necessary and all HVAC related filters must be changed with-in the work areas by the general contractor at the close of construction and prior to the tenant occupying the space.


The General Contractor shall furnish the Tenant and Building Management with the business, cell phone numbers and email addresses of the principals and supervisory personnel assigned to the project.


Gasoline engines are prohibited within the building: an electrical power source must be used instead. However, gasoline engines can be used outside the building as long as noise and fumes generated by the engine do not cause a disruption to the people entering and exiting the building and not near any air intake or return air ventilation systems.


Any welding requires an approved hot work permit from the BFD and a BFD on site fire watch. Two working-day notice is required. All costs associated with this work will be the responsibility of the requestor.


At the entrance/exits of the work area, one (1) ten pound fire extinguisher must be securely fastened to the wall.


The General Contractor will maintain and keep operational EXIT lights at the exits from the work area. The EXIT lights will be connected to the building emergency power circuits.


All Smoking is prohibited within 116 Huntington ave, the loading dock and near the tenant entrances.


All work areas must be so marked with barriers and signs placed to inform building occupants of any danger or any caution which must be exercised. No area shall be left unattended or unsecured if any danger to an occupant exists.


Trash removal is the responsibility of the General Contractor and must be on a regular basis to prevent the build-up of combustible materials.